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Abstract Medias Is a Media Production Crew/House & A Music Label Whose Producing, Creating & Helping Filmmakers & Independent Artists To Achieve Their Success Since 2016❤.

Not a great history, but still

have to open this up,

A while ago, when we was group of a music band, We produced some decent amount of good tracks, and really looking for some exposure, we tried to promote our works as much as we can, but eventually everything was driving low much of traffics, shouldn't mention this but back in that day, We only upload our music/videos to YouTube, so outside YouTube we had no fans.

Later on, we decided to distribute our content outside YouTube, which was a great idea to us, but don't know how to.

After all that we opened our own distribution service, and invited more independent artist to our label, Our main motive is that No Independent Artist should face difficulties like us,also to help each and every artist for their successful career.

The label was original started to distribute our own content to various platforms, later on we share our service with many independent artists.

You know, sharing is caring :P.



Our Vision


Music Distribution & Caller-tunes Distribution

Any musicians, labels & music companies wants to distribute and monetize music and caller-tunes into online platforms, mobile stores & streaming services, without any territory restrictions, they can join us. We distribute to Spotify, Apple Music, JioSaavn, Gaana, Wynk & Caller-tunes such as Airtel, JioTunes, Vodafone, Idea ,BSNL.

To see full list of stores that we currently distribute Click Here»

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Video & Audio Services

We, team of Abstract Medias do all kinds of Pre-Production, Production & Post-Production for Video works, such as Budget Planing, Casting, Cinematography, Art Direction, Direction (On Demand), Video Editing, Digital intermediate (Color Corrections).

On the Audio side, We do, Music Production, Lyric Writing/Corrections, Mix 'n' Mastering.

We take orders from Short filmmakers -To- Feature filmmakers.

Have A Look At Our Works»

Web Designing

We design Professional Web sites for Portfolio websites, e-Commerce websites, Conference websites, Associations / Organisations websites, Responsive websites and many more.

We work with Corporate, Small to Medium Enterprises, Startups, Professionals and Individuals.

Get an year of free hosting and domain from hiring us for Web Designing.

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